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Vintage Dukoff Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece
Vintage Dukoff Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece (Dukoff 2)

This Vintage Dukoff alto saxophone mouthpiece is a D7 facing transitional model. The transitional models were made between 1963 and 1972. This particular mouthpiece is from one of the later runs in this transitional period. It has a chamber much like the current production Super Power Chamber mouthpieces but it does not have "Super Power Chamber" stamped on it. The bite plate is white and we're not sure if it's original as most Dukoffs of type typically have a black bite plate. But, if the bite plate has been replaced, then it was done well. Regarding the material, as far as we can tell this mouthpiece is nickel plated brass.

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Price: $300.00 (Save $-300.00) Model Number: Dukoff 2

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