Rent a Band Instrument

Renting a band instrument from Gorby's Music has many advantages for you and your student:

When you rent a band instrument from Gorby's it is ready to play. All of our used instruments have been checked, tested and serviced by our professional repair shop.

Your monthly payment includes our Maintenance and Repair Agreement. Should your instrument need a new pad or a slide freed you're covered. Ask your sales representative for further details.

Low monthly payments

Our rental program offers you an affordable way to get started playing in the band

Includes Pre-Paid Maintenance

While you are renting your instrument routine maintenance is included in your payment.

Payments apply to purchase

With our rental program all of your payments apply towards the purchase of your instrument.

Gorby's Quality Service

Gorby's has been helping musicians for over 70 years with quality service.

Monthly Payments By Instrument

Flute $34.00


Alto Saxophone $49.50
Trumpet $33.40
Trombone $33.50
Snare Drum / Percussion Kit $30.00