Information for Beginning Band

Getting started playing a band instrument is one of the most rewarding experience a student can have. As exciting as it is choosing the instrument you want to play and getting a sound can be challenging. We have put together some resources to help you decide what instrument is best for you and to help you get a sound on the instrument you have chosen.

For many there is no question what instrument they want to play. It is usually the sound of the instrument that draws a person to that instrument. For others the choice isn't always as obvious. The video below has great demonstrations of the instuments typically played in a wind band. Keep in mind that not all of the instruments demonstrated will be availalble to start in your band. Check with your band director to see which instruments are available for you to start.


Once you have chosen the instrument you want to learn the next step is learning how to make a sound. Below are videos designed to help you in making sound on the primary beginning band instruments.





Alto Saxophone