Vintage Instrument Museum

Started by our founder, Mr. Charles Gorby, and expanded, Gorby's Museum of Music for Musicians has been visited by people from 33 states and 16 different countries even though the collection is private and available for viewing only by appointment. However, selected instruments are always on display throughout the store.

To provide musicians and others interested in the history of musical instruments we are including pictures of some of the more exotic or rare examples. Please note that these instruments are NOT FOR SALE and we are not currently soliciting for additional items.

It is our hope that eventually we may be able to accommodate school music groups. When that becomes possible information requesting tours will be posted.


String Instruments

1830's Martin Guitar

Gibson Mandolin circa 1908


Woodwind Instruments

C. G. Conn Sarrusophone


King Super-20 Alto Sax

Evolution of the Clarinet

Leblanc LL Clarinets

Dolmetsh Recorder Collection

Wooden Flute and Cylinder Player

Boxwood Instruments


Brass Instruments

King One Valve Bugle

King Double Belled Euphonium

King Miniature Liberty Trumpet

Rotary Valve Circular Flugelhorn

King Harry James Trumpet

Three Cornets



Illuminated Manuscript


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